CCTV Rentals • Security for Events

CCTV Rentals • Security for Events

We offer Security for your events, parties, Exhibitions and Industries with CCTV and Security Monitoring Personnels.

1st in the Philippines CCTV Security Surveillance System Rentals (#CCTVRentalsPhilippines) and additional Security Monitoring Personnel.

Benefits of Renting CCTV

Conserved cash flow - By using our competitive CCTV Rental plans, the cash generated by your business is not locked up in equipment. You only pay a small weekly or monthly fee.

One Time Thing - Secure Digital Limited has seen it wise to provide clients who usually have Events for a day or so and they may have them once in a year or twice or occasionally. Then it’s important for them to safe guards the incidences that may occur by recording everything at all times.

Maintains - This leads to client not having to waste the money for they may not require the products later.

Eliminate equipment obsolescence - Using Rental option means that you can upgrade your CCTV System regularly, and only pay a small amount monthly. That is less stress and more quality equipment protecting your home or business.

Ideal CCTV Rental situations: - Theft from workplace - We can set up hidden CCTV cameras to help you capture possible suspects.

Perimeters - If you have a perimeter that needs to be monitored. We can setup any type of CCTV Camera, in any location. Wired or wireless, we can provide you with appropriate solutions.

Building sites - We can install CCTV in building sites to monitor the workforce, and ensure that all health and safety rules are carefully followed.

Schools, colleges and universities - By renting CCTV you can monitor exams rooms, and catch possible cheaters.

Events - Monitoring the flow of people in and out of professional events. Using high definition CCTV cameras, we can provide you with fine details of any situation. If a crime occurs, action can be taken and you know you are in safe hands.

Maximum Camera

Monitoring Personnel

Price per day of event (8h)

1 Camera


P 2,000.00

2 Camera


P 4,500.00

3-4 Camera


P 7,000.00

5-8 Camera


P 11,500.00

9-16 Camera


P 17,800.00

Number of Security Personnel

Price per day of Event

3 Security Personnel


4+ Security Personnel

Additional 2,000.00 each

 We also offer Sound System Rentals and Video Wall Rentals. 1st Come 1st Serve.

*note: Mobilization and Demobilization not included.
- 1,500.00 Additional for Mobilization and Demobilization
Region 3 & 4 - 3,500.00 Additional for Mobilization and Demobilization
Region 2 & 5 - 8,000.00 Additional for Mobilization and Demobilization